Monday, January 7, 2008

Virtual Coach

Today I start my 8 month training program with my virtual coach. Yep, I signed up for trainingpeaks (

At about $10 a month, I can't go wrong, right?

I'm already a bit surprised that many of the workouts are in Zone 1 or Zone 2. I'm not used to riding easy but I'm guessing this is what will help me peak at the right times.

Leadville is my "A" race with most of the Intermountain cup races as "B" races.

It didn't say anything about not eating maple bars with diet coke so I'm pretty sure I can stick to this program. Stay tuned....


tp said...

Maple bar boy, I'm buying the post ride meals at Cheveron if you'll let me train with you this spring/summer for Leadville.

Anonymous said...

I just started it last week. It's like learning a foreign language. I hope I figure it out before the season is over. We need to talk Jamie and BP into teaching a class.

Rick Sunderlage said...

TP- All I require is a good maple bar and a 44oz. I'll eat as many as you are willing to buy. And I should be asking you if I can train with you.

Brad- I agree, it's a little funky to figure out. Too many codes to look up.

tibiker said...

You have the hard part done, signing up and getting all your races entered. Now just click on those little virtual coach icons and follow the workouts. Oh, I guess I forgot, the workouts....that's really the hard part. I hated my trainer last spring. Let me know if you have any questions w/ training peaks, I'll do my best or call BP